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Design CNC Machining Quality Assembly

Shengyuan is committed to design and manufacture of various large, complex and precise die-casting moulds, which are suitable for 400-4000 ton die-casting machines. The die-casting products mainly include automobile power assembly, suspension bracket, communication station shell, motor shell, carburetor and other precision and complex die-casting parts.

The technical department is responsible for product optimization and mold design. Through the magma simulation analysis software, the filling, solidification, cooling, heat treatment, stress-strain and other contents in the die-casting process can be simulated and analyzed, so as to provide customers with higher quality design solutions.

In 2012, Shengyuan established joint venture relationship with Japanese KOIDE DIE&MOLD Co., Ltd. Shengyuan combines the advanced concept of foreign design and manufacturing to provide better products and services for foundry enterprises.

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